SANKO Veggie Drop (Parsley and Dandelion)(Lucky Charm) 60g

  • Reference: SNTONG0023

Manufacturer: Sanko 

● Dandelions rich in minerals and potassium and parsley rich in vitamin C have been combined into one.
● You can communicate with your pet by giving it by hand.
● Moderate hardness prevents overstretching of teeth.
● A gluten-free snack that is easy to digest.

Internal capacity: 50g

Bean flour, parsley, starch, Timothy, Dactylis, Dandelion, Meadowgrass, Plantain, Red Clover, Meadow Fesk, Ladies Mantle

Crude protein: 15.9% or more, crude fat: 4.5% or more, crude fiber: 6.6% or less, crude ash content: 4.5% or less, water content: 8.6% or less

Country of origin:

* This is not a staple food, so please be careful not to give too much.
* After opening, close the zipper tightly and use as soon as possible.