MiniAniman Playful and Fun Tent

  • Reference: TYTONG0044


[Inside dimensions of tent part (approx.)]
Width 30* Height 24* Depth 27cm
String length (approx.): 25cm 

●It is a tent that is perfect for hiding small herbivorous animals.
●A tent where they can play and rest in a cage.
●With the string, it can be easily set up in the cage.
●The roof of the tent is made of tarpaulin and slightly sloped, and they can dig around.
●It is most suitable for small animals to hide in the tent.
●It is easy to clean.

[How to use]
Please read the instructions and remove the package and tags before use.

1) Put it in the cage and fix it on the iron branch of the cage with a rope.
2) Adjust the shape to complete.

Fabric: Polyester
String: Cotton
Core rod: Polyethylene 
Middle plate: Polyethylene

[Cleaning method]
If it gets dirty, wash it according to the washing instructions.
Do not sterilize with hot water or use bleach, thinner, benzine, alcohol, etc.