Charity Sale- Wooly Rabbit Lactic Acid Bacteria LAB 150g

  • Reference: CSALES0140

Contains 4 types of lactic acid bacteria:
The rabbit-derived lactic acid bacteria "LM-WOOLY strain" developed through joint research with a university is combined with Bifidobacterium, Faecalis, and sporulating lactic acid bacteria that are included in rabbit lactic acid bacteria.
The raw materials are wheat-free.

There are three types of bacteria in the intestines: ``good bacteria,'' ``bad bacteria,'' and ``opportunistic bacteria.'' When the number of "bad bacteria" increases, the normal balance of the intestines is disrupted, which has a negative impact on the body. In order to maintain a good intestinal environment, it is important to increase the ratio of "good bacteria". The balance of intestinal bacteria fluctuates every day, and especially as we age, stress, disease, etc., we become susceptible to an environment dominated by "bad bacteria." We recommend that you continue to give ``Rabbit Lactic Acid Bacteria LAB'' for daily intestinal care.

What is "lactic acid bacteria derived from rabbits"?
Over the past four years, we have been researching rabbit intestinal bacteria in collaboration with a university, and have confirmed that lactic acid bacteria exist in the rabbit intestines.
"Rabbit-derived lactic acid bacteria" refers to lactic acid bacteria that live in the intestines of rabbits.
New products will be formulated with this cultured and inactivated product.

We use culture tests to confirm the number of bacteria and how they affect the immune system. Although the details are confidential, we plan to decide on the daily dosage based on the data obtained from the test and incorporate the corresponding number of bacteria into the new product.
This is believed to be the first time that lactic acid bacteria isolated from rabbits has been cultured, inactivated, and cultured to see how it affects the rabbit's immune system, and then turned into a material.

4 years in development:
There are still many mysteries about the rabbit intestine, and even though we had originally targeted lactic acid bacteria, it was said that there were no lactic acid bacteria in the rabbit intestine.
However, rabbit intestines are extremely long, even though we simply call them ``intestines.'' After many discussions with university professors, we slowly
expanded the scope of our research and finally came to the discovery.The
results of our research include : Successful acquisition and cultivation of lactic acid bacteria may be sufficient, but we do not want to sell it as a Wooly product just because it is a novelty (because it lived in the intestines of rabbits).We do not want to sell it as a Wooly product as a supplement to maintain the health of rabbits. We are also spending a considerable amount of time collecting data from the aforementioned culture tests to see if we can contribute to this.

Crude protein 4.0% or more
Crude fat 0.2% or more
Crude fiber 5.0% or less
Crude ash 5.5% or less
Moisture 10.0% or less
Calcium 0.05% or more
Phosphorus 0.4% or more

Raw Materials:
Starch, rabbit-derived lactic acid bacteria powder, powdered sugar, skim milk powder, apple fiber, oligosaccharide, dried live bacteria powder, sporulating lactic acid bacteria powder, lactic acid bacteria
*No flourused