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HKRS Timothy Hay Coupon

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The second phase of $5000 consumption vouchers can help the abandoned rabbits?

X vouchers cannot be used as direct donations
O have you ever thought that you can buy hay to the abandoned rabbits to eat?

All you need to buy is [HKRS Timothy hay Coupon] for $300 each (equivalent to about 15 pounds of hay), and you can subsidize 1 rabbit at HKRS to eat for 15 days.

As of 6/8/2022, HKRS has 78 abandoned rabbits. In addition to medical expenses, as more and more abandoned rabbits are received, the daily food and hay expenses for the rabbits are also very large, please support us, while enjoying using consumption vouchers, you can also send your love to the abandoned rabbits.


***Assuming that each rabbit eats 1 pound of hay per day, 78 rabbits eat 78 pounds of grass per day, calculated at 80 pounds per day, monthly consumption:
Momi 22lbs x 3.6 boxes x 30 days = 108 boxes or Oxbow 25lbs x 3.2 boxes x 30 days = 96 boxes

So your support is very important!

You can buy hay from:
① HKRS center (Alipay, Wechat pay, Octopus)
② HKRS online store (as long as Alipay is accepted, please use the QR code in the following picture) 

**You can use ATM/internet banking, payme or FPS without using the vouchers. If you have any inquiries, please call our center at 35800050.