Leaf Corp. Treasure Hunting Educational Mat (Christmas Tree)

  • Reference: TYTONG0030

Find snacks and train! An educational mat that relieves stress and lack of exercise!

Manufacturer: Leaf Corp, Ltd

● It is an educational mat for pets to use their sense of smell to find hidden snacks.
● Easy type that is easy to turn over and find, perfect for playing at home.
● By doing nose work, can sharpen its sense of smell and train their brain.
● Each piece is carefully sewn by hand. It is safe and secure production.
● Anti-slip fabric is used on the back of the mat to prevent it from slipping even when chewed or pulled.

● Hide several snacks in the gaps of the mat in advance.
● Bring your pets the mat and start training.

Size (about):
30 x 35 cm
*Because it is handmade, the size may vary.

100% polyester

Country Of Manufacture: