Rabbittail Original Multipurpose Fluffy Cushion Mat S

  • Reference: TYHKRS0042


A: Dark Blue Flying Disc
B: Dark Blue White Rabbit
G: Little Rabbit with Pink Background


Can be used as a mat or bed!

A multi-mat that can be put in a carry or cage, or used as a house! A fluffy and thick mat that is just the right size to cover half of an 80 size cage. Hooks are attached to each of the four corners, and you can change the shape by combining them. 

Product specifications:
Width: about 42cm
Depth: about 34cm
Height: Approx 6.5cm (with the hook closed)

100% cotton, 100% polyester

- It can be changed. The bunny can lie completely on the mat.
- The owner can place the mat in one corner of the cage and fasten the buttons on one side to form a triangle for use.
- Fasten the left and right buttons of the mat to form a tunnel, use it as a nail clipper to wrap a rabbit, or a small animal (guinea pig/chinchilla) as a tunnel for fun.
- When you go out, you can make it into the shape of a bed and put it in a bag/carrier.
- Rabbit can relax on the mat and owner can place it on the cage or play space.
- Can be hand washed.