Leaf Corp USAYAMA Natural Peach Tree Branch & Apple Wood & Peach Branch (9 Pieces)

  • Reference: SNTONG0026

Manufacturer: Leaf Co., Ltd. Leaf Corp

●It is a biting tree for small animals using natural wood of apples, pears and peaches.
●It is a size that is easy to give to a wide range of pets such as hamsters and rabbits.
●By biting and playing, it is also effective for preventing overgrown teeth of small animals and for dental care.
●No coloring or preservatives are used.

Internal capacity:
9 pieces (3 apples, pears, peaches each)

Size (about):
Approximately 0.8cm to 2cm in diameter

Country of origin:

Please note:
*Because this product is made from natural materials, the shape and color may vary depending on the weather and location of the harvest season, but there is no problem with the quality.
*We strive to keep the quality as stable as possible, but due to the characteristics of the product, there may be unevenness in shape and color depending on the lot.
*Some products have green, white, or black spots on the surface of the wood, but these are the original colors of the wood, not mold.
*Although this product has been dried, mold may develop after opening depending on the storage environment. Avoid storing in hot and humid places.
*If there are buds on the branches, remove them before feeding.
*The branches may contain winter buds wrapped in white downy hair. There is no problem if you eat this, but if you are concerned about it, please remove it and give it.