DoggyMan Senior Friendly High Resilience Bed (S)(Fresh Pine)

  • Reference: TYTONG0052

This product is jointly developed by veterinarians.


Size: 60x45x5.5cm

Weight: 740g

About this item:
●Body pressure distribution. The high resilience material disperses body pressure in a good balance, so it maintains a comfortable sleeping position. Especially recommended for senior dogs and cats who have a lot of time to sleep.
●Breathable Made of mesh fabric and high resilience mesh material. It is breathable and prevents stuffiness even after prolonged use.
●Antibacterial and odor resistant. Antibacterial and deodorizing treatment prevents unpleasant odors and provides comfort.
●The bottom has a non-slip surface. Does not slip easily even on flooring.
●Clean and clean by washing away dirt and odors.

Outer fabric: Polyester
High resilience material: Polyethylene
Insulation: Polyester
Bottom fabric: Polyester (PVC is used for anti-slip)

Country of origin:

**If it gets dirty, wash it according to the attached washing instructions.
**Do not sterilize with hot water or use bleach, thinner, benzine, alcohol, etc.