Marukan ML-549 Super Hot Boa Mat for rabbits (Pink)

  • Reference: TYTONG0058

Manufacturer: Marukan
Product number: ML-549

Small animals such as rabbits

●A thermal mat that uses our body temperature to warm and does not require electricity.
●Uses carbon-containing material that gradually heats up.
●The fluffy boa material keeps them warm.
●The mat blocks the cold from the floor.

Size (approx.):
Height 40 x Width 30cm

Polyester, foamed polyethylene, non-woven fabric

Country of Origin:

How to use:
●Just by lying or sitting on the mat, the body will be warmed through the contact surface.
●Please use a soft brush to remove dirt such as hair on the surface.
●For noticeable stains, wash the surface by hand, remove moisture with a towel, and dry in the shade.

*This product is a mat for pets. Please do not use it for any other purpose.
*If you use it while it is dirty with urine etc., it will cause the color to fade and it is not hygienic. Please read the care instructions carefully and dry thoroughly before use.
*Do not place near fire or heating equipment.