Wooly Oat Hay (Young) 400g

  • Reference: HYPETL0094

WOOLY Japan Oat Hay is a very rare and high quality hay that is only available to international customers. Low in calcium content, it is suitable for all rabbits.

Young series is harvested early before it matures, resulting in lesser stalks and more leaves, the best of both worlds.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Fiber Max. 25.0 %
Crude Protein Min. 12.0 %
Crude Fat Min. 2.0 %
Crude Ash Max. 13.6 %
Phosphorus Max. 0.75 %
Calcium Max. 0.38 %
Moisture Max. 9.0 %
* The above ingredient analysis data is for reference only.
For the "WOOLY Farm's Hay" series, ingredient analysis is conducted every year, so the latest data after annual testing is shown on the product packaging.
Please refer to the sticker on the product packaging for the composition analysis data of each product.