About Us

  Hong Kong Rabbit Society (HKRS)
Hong Kong Rabbit Society (HKRS) was founded in January 2003 becoming a registered charitable organization under Hong Kong Special Administrative Region's recognition by March 2006. Every year many animals are abandoned by their owners; particularly rabbits who are the third most neglected pet after cats and dogs. Since there are no government subsidies, we rely completely on donations and support from the public to be able to continue our effort on behalf of neglected or abandoned animal's. Your kindness, time and financial support help us to continue to promote our work and raise awareness in animal protection.
We aim to promote kindness, compassion and respect to all animals as well as the prevention of mistreatment, abuse and abandonment so that we can build a harmonious community between humans and animals.
We provide a range of services to fulfill our mission of protecting animals against cruelty. Our services includes:
Receiving abandoned rabbits
We provide a shelter to abandoned rabbits or rabbits that have been transferred from other animal organisations due to limited space.
Helping rabbits find a new home.
All abandoned rabbits are sterilized. Sterilisation can prevent rabbits being abandoned due to behavioural or health problems and unwanted pregnancy.
Medical care
Necessary medical treatment and surgery is provided to sick rabbits in our care. If the rabbit is considered to be unsuitable for adoption then they will remain with us and be looked after by our staff.
In order to help our rabbits' trust humans again and prepare them for adoption we also offer the opportunity to foster them.
Promotion and education
We provide information on raising rabbits and regularly hold seminars informing and educating the public on how to care for rabbits. We support other animal-welfare organisations on the advocacy of animal protection and animal rights.
Successful adopters will receive training on how to care for rabbits so that they are properly prepared and understand how to take care of rabbits’ individual needs and how to check for disease.
Boarding service
We have already obtained the correct license from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conversation Department to provide a boarding service for animals in our care. Advanced booking is required and there is a charge. Please contact our staff for further information.
Grooming service
Our society also provides a variety of grooming services for a set fee (e.g. nailing, combing and cleaning). Prior appointment should be made. Please contact our staff for further information.
Products sales
We offer a wide range of quality rabbit food and other daily necessities, with special discounts for members. Free delivery is provided if the amount exceeds HKD 300.