GEX Healthy Recipe - Broccoli Leaves 12g

  • Reference: SNTONG0001

[Healthy Recipe Broccoli Leaf Product Details]
● Without using coloring agents or preservatives.
● From the fields carefully raised by farmers,
  we selected materials that rabbits and small animals would love and simply dried them.
● By drying, it has better storage stability than the raw state and can be given at any time.
● Broccoli leaves, which have a slight sweetness without any habit, contain about twice as much vitamin C and polyphenols as buds.
● By slowly drying at low temperature, the gentle sweetness that the material originally has is brought out.

[Healthy recipe broccoli leaf ingredients]
Broccoli leaves

[Nutrition ingredients]
Protein: 21.6%, Lipid: 5.6%, Crude fiber: 5.2%, Ash content: 15.7%, Moisture: 7.4%

314.8kcal / 100g

[Expiration / Expiration date (unopened)]
720 days

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