Rabbit's Natural Oat Grass 30g (Sample)

  • Reference: HYTONG0002

Have you ever seen green oat hay?
Rabbit's are cultivated with only young leaves, harvested at the freshest and healthiest time, so the aroma and nutrients are well preserved.
Additionally, the hay is grown without any pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides.

The main product is oat grass. Oat grass is a low-protein, low-calcium, high-fiber variety. Please rest assured to give it to small animals. Their grass retains its aroma and nutrients in the shortest time from harvesting to drying to packaging.

● Pesticide-free cultivation without using any fungicides and herbicides.
● Only a small amount of fertilizer is used as part of the cultivation.
● Rabbit's only harvest young leaves (still green, fresh, healthy, scented leaves).
● Very particular about the drying steps, use an electric dryer.
● There is a sticker showing the cutting date and drying date.

**Since it has been air-dried, it should be stored in a cool place and can be kept for 2 years.