Sanko Easy Home Resin Slope

  • Reference: AATONG0076

Manufacturer: Sanko

-Easy Home 60/70/80 Series
-Easy Home Shiny Series

●It is a ramp to help you get in and out of the cage.
-Made of resin that can be washed quickly even if it gets dirty.
●Wide wide slope makes it easy to get in and out!
●Wide width 30cm
●Just hook it! Fixtures not required.

Size (about):
Width 300 x depth 380 x height 27mm

PP (polypropylene)

Country of origin:

How to use:
Use this product by hooking it on the gap between the base tray and cage wire of the breeding cage, or on the door wire.

Please be sure to check if the size of the cage doorway is compatible with the size of this product.