[Taste More, Eat Less] Oxbow Enriched Life Timothy Popsicle

  • Reference: PROMOTION3

Taste More, Eat Less: There are dried fruits, it is not advisable to eat more.


Enriching your pet's daily life starts with supporting natural behaviors such as exploring, playing, hiding, and chewing. Oxbow Enriched Life is designed with these natural behaviors in mind and is constructed from 100% pet-safe materials, allowing you to nurture your pet's mind and body is safe and fun ways every day.



Main Ingredients:

Apple Stick, Tapioca Starch, North American Timothy Hay, Air-dried Apples, Air-Dried Carrots


Dimensions (includes packaging):

0.59" L x 4.9" W x 7.4" H


**Remove all packaging materials before placing in your pet's habitat.