Marukan DP-890 Super Hot Mokomoko Mat (Mini)(Brown)

  • Reference: TYTONG0037

Warm without electricity!

Manufacturer: Marukan
Product number: DP-890

● The only heat source is "pet's body temperature", and it warms up quickly without electricity.
● The mat blocks the cold from the floor, the carbon content gradually heats up, and the fluffy boa keeps you warm.
● It is always clean because it can be washed by hand.
● Can be cut to desired size.
● Because it does not use a power supply, it will not exceed body temperature. However, it is extremely comfortable!

Width 400 x Depth 300mm
*Can be cut to your desired size.

Outer fabric: 100% polyester
Core material: Foamed polyethylene
Back: Non-woven fabric

Country of origin:

How to use:
● By simply lying or sitting on the mat, your body will be warmed through the contact surface.

Care instructions:
●Use a soft brush to remove dirt such as hair on the surface.
●To remove noticeable dirt, wash the surface by hand, dry with a towel, etc., and dry in the shade.
*Do not use washing machines, dryers, dryers, irons, etc., as there is a risk of deformation, discoloration, or deterioration.