KAWAI Natural Ribwort 40g

  • Reference: SNTONG0031

Plantain leaves have been loved by people as a traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times.
It is still used for anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and intestinal regulation purposes.

- You can expect the effect of adjusting the balance of intestinal bacteria.
- Crude fiber activates intestinal peristalsis!
- Supports circulation with diuretic action!
- Antioxidant effect, anti-inflammatory effect
- Excellent palatability.

Crude protein: 11%
Crude fat: 2%
Crude fiber: 11%
Moisture: 12%

[Country of origin]

Approx. 40g

[Expiration date] 
Described on the package

[Preservation method]
Avoid direct sunlight, hot and humid places, and store in a dark and cool place.
After opening, please use as soon as possible.

* Since it is directly picked, it may contain fluff and roots, but you can enjoy it with confidence.