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<Rabbit-Ruru×Rabbit's> RURU POP - Oat Hay (Body Shape)

  • Reference: SNTONG0049

[New Product]

A collaboration product with Rabbit-Ruru and Rabbit's, which is famous for Oats!
This product is an earth-friendly snack that complies with the SDG'S of "Responsible Production and Responsible Consumption" by reusing the finely chopped oats that are produced in large quantities when oats are dried.
It would be a shame if the product was not made into a product just because it became too small!
We created this product with the hope that the rabbits who eat oats on a daily basis can enjoy delicious oat hay until the very last moment, and to reduce food loss and waste as much as possible.
Please take this opportunity to try it!
Place of origin: Fukuoka