Nail file (pet article claw sharpener) for DoggyMan

  • Reference: ABHKRS0002
A brand name: Doggy man honey smile nail file honey smile -68
Inner capacity: One
A brand: Honey smile
A country of origin: The People's Republic of China
While feeling gentleness
It is a nail file which a direction to polish is free and is easy to use. It is the curve shape that a pick is hard to deviate from the file surface. I finish it so that the usage tip has roundness. ※As the nail of the pet comes off, let's be careful about the direction to file.

You clean it after a handling method, use, and please keep it carefully cleanly.
Please stop the use such as boiling water sterilization and benzine, thinner, the alcohol.
The stainless steel is the material which is hard to be rusted, but you keep on wet, and please stop it as you might be rusted when you leave you unattended in the humid place.
Please do not spend it for the use except the nail file