Sanko 環保冰涼陶瓷瓦石 Cool Teracotta

  • Reference: SANKO00019

● A terracotta cover that allows you to enjoy a cool feeling by putting a frozen PET bottle inside.
● It is made of unglazed material that is safe to bite.

Size (approx.):
Width 24 x Depth 9 x Height 9 cm
Inner dimensions: Width 7.5 x Height 7.5 cm

Country of origin: Vietnam

How to use:
● Put a frozen PET bottle and install it sideways.
● Install with the open mouth facing the wall side of the cage.

* PET bottles are not included with this product. Please prepare a commercially available PET bottle that can withstand freezing.
(The size is based on the assumption of a general PET bottle with a capacity of about 500 mL.)