Sanko Dice Wooden House (No.H18)

  • Reference: SANKO00022

Manufacturer: Sanko 

Product number: H18

● A house for small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs.
● Uses natural materials.

Size (approx.):
Width 180 x Depth 210 x Height 200 mm
Entrance 1 (circle): Diameter 140 mm
Entrance 2 (dome shape): Width 140 x Height 150 mm

* Because natural materials are used, there are variations in the grain and color of the wood. Please note.
* Since natural wood is used, the grain and color of the wood may vary. There are also knots and seams.
* Wooden parts are glued and assembled. Do not wash with water, as the adhesive will come off, the wood will absorb moisture, and when it dries, it will be distorted, disintegrated, and the wood will warp.