Hay Moment Timothy Hay 500g (Winter Edition)

  • Reference: HYRKHM003
Nutrition Analysis:
Crude Protein 7.9%-11.8%
Crude Fat 1.9%-3%
Calcium 0.3%-0.5%
Moisture 6.4%-9.5%
Fiber-ADF 30%-36%
Fiber-NDF 50%-58%
*Country of origin :USA
*USDA certified organic product
First Cut Timothy Hay is harder and contains lots of long stems and seed heads. Excellent for most rabbits can keep their teeth trimmed and ease the movement of their intestines. 
Second Cut Timothy Hay is softer, darker green, a mixture of stems and leaves with fewer seed heads.
Winter Edition Timothy Hay is the mixature of first and second cut, contains lots of long thin stems and seed heads.
冬季限定: 翠綠多長幼枝,適合任何年紀的小動物。