Pet Pro Japan Homey Blue Square Bed (S)

  • Reference: TYTONG0032

It is extremely comfortable to the touch. This bed is recommended for chilly seasons, such as in air-conditioned rooms.

[Body Size] 
Approx. width 48 x depth 35 x height 15 cm

Outer fabric Weave fabric: Cotton, polyester
Middle fabric Pile fabric: Polyester
Back side: Polyester
Piping: Polyester
Filling: Polyester

[Cleaning Method]
Lightly wash the surface with lukewarm water. Please do not use a washing machine, a washing machine, a dryer, or an iron as it may cause deformation or deterioration.

Pet Pro Japan Co. , Ltd.

・This product is for pets. Do not use it for other purposes.
・When using, be sure to use it within the reach of the owner.
・If this product is damaged, there is a risk of swallowing fragments of the main body or the materials inside. Be especially careful when using on pets that have a habit of biting or scratching.
・In order to prevent accidents, please check the product frequently for damage or fraying, and if there is any damage, please stop using it.
・This product cannot be eaten. If swallowed, take it out immediately and consult a nearby doctor.
・Please note that colors may fade or change depending on the material.